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Manning, Mewett & Sankoff on Criminal Law 5e


Canada's premier treatise on criminal law has been thoroughly revised and updated once again. Written by defence counsel Morris Manning, Q.C. and Professor Peter Sankoff, Manning, Mewett & Sankoff: Criminal Law, 5th ed provides an updated, detailed and critical examination of the criminal law of Canada, from the governing principles of criminal law, to a clear and comprehensive analysis of important offences in the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act as well as defences.

Previous editions of this text have been cited repeatedly by the courts at every level including the Supreme Court of Canada and every appellate court. The text facilitates efficient and focused legal research for practitioners, providing them a foundation upon which to build cogent legal argument.

The text also provides the judiciary with a comprehensive reference of the existing criminal law and enables them to consider where new developments might be desirable. Thus, it is an essential resource for Crown and defence counsel, the judiciary, academics and students alike.

The new edition has been thoroughly revised to account for the many major developments in criminal law that have occurred since the publication of the previous edition in 2009, including a variety of new offences that did not exist at that time.

Similarly, the new edition also provides in-depth expert analysis on the significant changes to criminal law defences which have emerged during the same period, including the new "streamlined" self-defence regime and the Supreme Court's revisiting of the "air of reality" test.

New in This Edition:-

  • Analysis and discussion of the new "stream-lined" self-defense regime instituted by the courts;
  • Substantial analysis of the Supreme Court of Canada's multiple re-visiting of the "Air of Reality" test for the ability to successfully raise a defence;
  • Coverage of new Supreme Court of Canada decisions on transferred intent in the defense of mistake;
  • Discussion of new case law or legislative developments in such areas of identity theft and fraud, sexual offences (including the new legislative framework for prostitution-related offences), motor vehicle offences, weapons offences, strict and absolute liability offences, corporate liability in criminal law and many more;
  • Updated analysis of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms' limitation on criminal law, including discussion of Supreme Court of Canada cases such as R. v. Khawaja, Canada (Attorney-General) v. Bedford and Carter v. Canada (Attorney General).
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By Morris Manning
Country of Publication Canada
Dimensions 24 x 16 cm
Edition 5th edition
Format Hardback
ISBN/EAN 9780433475613
Pagination 1466 Pages
Publication Date Aug 31, 2015
Publisher LexisNexis Canada
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