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Hercolubus or Red Planet


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In this small book he explains, with amazing clarity, several important current issues: from the controversial nuclear tests in the ocean and their dreadful future consequences, to the much-discussed question of the existence of conscious beings in other planets of the universe.

In the same way he informs us, with a direct and revealing language, about the existence of a huge heavenly body, six times bigger than Jupiter, called Hercolubus or Red Planet that is approaching Earth in a silent but alarming way. Further, we are told not only about the consequences that such heavenly body will bring to us, but also about the true origin of climate change and the great geological activity that is taking place deep down on the sea bottom.

The book guides us through practice because believing or not believing what others explain are just the two sides of the same coin: ignorance. Thus, the book shows us the techniques to achieve conscious astral projection and the system to eliminate our vices, defects and evil, which are the main causes of all human sufferings. Through the practice of these techniques we can improve our spiritual level by transforming ourselves. Also, we can look into superior dimensions of nature and find out about the forthcoming events, while our physical body is resting at night.

guest post by Cristhiano of Alcione Association

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By V.M. Rabolu
ISBN/EAN 9788590139874
Publication Date Dec 1, 2
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