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The Twilight of America's Omnipresence: China's Aggrandizement..


The Twilight of America's Omnipresence is about the challenge posed by China to America's imposing presence in global affairs asthe latter veers precipitously towards an historical crescendo. A race is clearly in progress as the two powers occupy center stage and vie for primacy. Omnipresence is about the effectuation of unparalleled sway held at subatomic and genetic levels, the influenc eof the collective human mind, a global information grid seized with the proficiency and faculty to connect traditional forms of information with all source intelligence and expansionism in the realms of inner and outer space. These constitute the locales for the inevitable showdown. Whether and for how long America endures as the world's first and only Superpower as China makes an all-out bid to claim global dominance will be determined by three instrumentalities - ideas, ideology and technology.


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By Joseph-Harris
Country of Publication United States
Dimensions 22.9 x 15.2 cm
Format Hardback
ISBN/EAN 9781937592332
Pagination 546 pages
Publication Date Jun 2, 2014
Publisher Fortis Publishing
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