About Us

Gurley & Associates Limited, trading as THE BOOK SPECIALISTS, was established in 1991.

We are booksellers specializing in two areas of the trade:

i) retailing of tertiary and professional publications specializing in law, medical, management, business, accounting (ACCA, FIA, CIM, CIMA etc). We also carry a wide range of West Indian titles.

ii) non-retail direct to library supply of special orders covering all types and levels of publications.

The Book Specialists have a long history of supplying books to schools and institutions throughout T&T. We have supplied very large book tenders through the Secondary Education Modernisation Programme (SEMP), the Ministry of Education and the School Libraries Division. We continue to supply many of the special libraries in the Government sector, business corporations and educational institutions such as the Supreme Court Library, Hugh Wooding Law School, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business, Roytec and COSTATT.

We are the only bookshop in Trinidad and Tobago with a fully functional e-commerce website. That's right hassle free shopping from the comfort of your home or office. Simply go to our website www.caribbeanbookspecialists.com search for the book, add to your cart, pay using our secure option (PayPal) and your order will be delivered to your home or place of work.

We also offer a very reliable 'Special Order' service. Looking for a title that is not in our inventory. We can order any book that is currently in distribution. Just call or email us and we will contact you regarding the details. Orders take approximately three to four weeks to arrive, depending on the publisher, but many will arrive much sooner.

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