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Judicial Precedent and Arbitration: Are Arbitrators Bound by Jud
Judicial Precedent and Arbitration: Are Arbitrators Bound by Jud
TT$663.00 (US$108.69)

BPP eBooks FAQ

About BPP eBooks

eBooks are:

  • Portable
  • Space saving
  • Downloadable in minutes* from any location
  • Available before the printed edition
  • Easy to annotate

Available to buy online and there's no postage charges! BPP eBooks also provide a print allowance of 15%.

For additional technical information on our eBooks, see our FAQs below

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BPP eBooks are read using Adobe Digital Editions. This is free and can be downloaded.  Please ensure you have registered an Adobe ID and downloaded Digital Editions before purchasing a BPP eBook, this will speed up the process.

Digital editions allows our eBooks to be read on PCs/Laptops/Netbooks/Tablets(Windows, Mac, Linux, Android). They can also be synced to most eReaders, Android and Apple devices using approved apps such as Bluefire ReaderCopia and many more.

View a full list of supported Adobe devices and Apps

Please note that eBooks will only allow the printing of 15% of the book to paper, you will not be permitted to print any more pages than this print allowance.  If you intend to print certain pages, we advise that you check you have enough paper to complete your print, so as not to run the risk of exceeding the print allowance by having to make a second print attempt.

*If you have purchased an eBook online please allow a maximum of 24 hours to receive a download token. If you have not received your token please contact 




How do I download my eBook?

Use this guide for a step by step instructions on downloading your BPP eBook.  


Can I download the eBook to more than one machine? (i.e. laptop and desktop, laptop and iPhone, etc, etc)

You can use the download link on only one machine. The eBook will need to be opened with Adobe Digital Editions and Authorised with your free Adobe ID before you can move it on to up to a total of 3 devices. It will be validated against your Adobe ID on each machine/device. Details of how to make your eBook portable are explained on the Digital Editions FAQ page


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What does the 15% print restriction actually mean?

This will allow the printing of only 15% of the eBook - i.e. if the book is 200 pages, you will only be able to print 30 pages - but you will be able to select them individually if you choose.



I have clicked on the link to download my token but I am taken to an error page.

Due to a technical issue with our eBook server, customers who purchased their eBook prior to 25 September 2012 but hadn't yet accessed it may have issues downloading and using current tokens. You will need to add an 's' to your URL so it reads 'ebookdropships'.
Alternatively, please contact Learning Media's Customer Services at to get a new token free of charge. 


Which other devices support your eBooks?

Our eBooks work on almost all other eReaders as well as Macs, PCs, Apple devices and Android Devices. Please click here for a full list of support devices.
BPP eBooks are also compatible with Android devices for example using the Aldiko App. Please check the supported device list here on the adobe website to find your preferred app.

Please note BPP eBooks are PDF based and the text may not reflow on all compatible devices. Optimum reading is on Laptop/Desktop Screens or Tablets.

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Is the access online only or does the ebook actually get saved on your computer and can you move it around?

The eBook is downloaded and saved to your Digital Editions library on your pc or laptop. After downloading, you no longer need internet connection to access your eBook

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Do you have a quick guide to Digital Editions?

Yes, click here for the quick guide (and link to the attached pdf)

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Can I read the ebook on my iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch?

Yes, follow these instructions to find out how.

1. Install Adobe Digital Editions and obtain an Adobe ID
2. Download the eBook to your PC/Mac and authorize with your Adobe ID
3. Install Bluefire Reader on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (Bluefire is available from the iTunes App Store)
4. Connect your device to your PC/Mac and sync with iTunes
5. In iTunes, Content on the Bluefire Reader app can now be managed. Add the eBooks to Bluefire Reader and Sync
6. Eject the device once Sync is complete
7. Open Bluefire Reader on your device, you will now be prompted for your Adobe ID
8. The eBooks will now be validated and ready to read in Bluefire Reader
9. Any future eBooks can be synced to the App with iTunes quickly and easily

Find out detailed instructions on the Bluefire Reader Website

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Are your eBooks able to be used with screen readers/accessibility software?

Yes but there is certain software you will require, please see details from Adobe and RNIB

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I have a problem with digital editions, who to I contact?

You can contact Adobe directly, they support all their software 24/7. 
Sometimes uninstalling ADE and restarting your machine George reinstalling and authorising with you abode account can fix many issues.

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My token says it is not conenecting and cannot download.

A common reason for this is your firewall may be blocking your ability to download. Please allow your firewall to download items. If this does not resolve the issue please contact us.

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